QED modified to allow use of DD (double D) and CC (Concentric Coplanar) coils

Interfacion Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that the QED has been modified to allow the use of DD (double D) and CC (Concentric Coplanar) coils. This change involves a simple change to the electronics within the control box.

The firmware has also been upgraded to include a further improved Ground Balance.

All detectors being delivered to new customers from Monday 5th August 2019 will already have the above upgrades included.

As a show of commitment to all QED owners, the hardware modification to allow use of the DD and CC coils will be provided at no cost.

Of course and as per the QED warranty, the firmware update is provided free of charge, except for P&H.

Any QED owner who plans to attend the Laanecoorie Bash 2019 is encouraged to bring their detector along and have it upgraded at no cost.

Standard postage and handling arrangements apply to other owners. Send via Australia Post the box (minus batteries) along with a pre-paid, pre-addressed bag/box to:

Interfacion Pty Ltd

PO Box 106R

Redan VIC 3350

QED warranty period extended to 5 years

Due to reliability data collected over the last 2 years, we are pleased to announce that the QED warranty period has been extended to an Industry leading 5 years.

This applies retrospectively to all QED detectors sold. This warranty covers the Interfacion Pty Ltd manufactured detector box and external control box.

The last page of the latest manual provides more details.